Screw conveyor

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① Screw conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment without flexible traction components. It uses the rotating screw to move the conveyed material along the fixed casing for conveying.

② The advantages of screw conveyor are: simple structure and convenient maintenance. The external dimension of the cross section is small, which is convenient for intermediate unloading at several positions. It is convenient to close the cover of the casing to achieve better sealing; Its disadvantages are: high unit power consumption, serious crushing of materials in the conveying process, and large wear of screw and casing.

Screw conveyor has been widely used in various industrial departments to transport all kinds of powder and small materials. Such as pulverized coal, cement, sand, lump coal, Cereals, etc. Because of its high power consumption, it is mostly used in occasions with short conveying distance and low (or medium) productivity. It is not suitable for conveying easily deteriorated and viscous caking materials and large materials.

③ This series of screw conveyor is allowed to be used with slight inclination, and the maximum inclination angle shall not exceed 20%. It is used for one-way transportation, and it is not suitable to carry out mixing, mixing and other process operations at the same time.

The working ambient temperature of the conveyor shall be between - 20 ℃ and + 50 ℃. The temperature of transported materials shall not exceed 200 ℃.

Spiral blade diameter mm
Model and specificationGX150GX200GX250GX300GX400GX500GX600

Example of conveying capacity: T / hPulverized coal2.810.69.917.533.765.892.6
Soda ash3.06.710.17.735.570.497.2
Inlet and outlet size P (mm)190220270300350450550



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