Large inclination belt conveyor

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Corrugated edge retaining belt conveyor is a kind of equipment that provides continuous transportation for general bulk materials. The product has many advantages, such as easy overall design, low power, less land occupation, small civil construction volume, and can greatly reduce the overall design cost of the project.

1. Large inclination angle conveying bulk materials can greatly save the equipment floor area, and completely solve the problem of conveying angle that can not be reached by ordinary and patterned belt conveyors;

2. Mechanized belt conveyor transports materials with low overall investment cost, saving about 20% - 30% of the investment cost

3. This model overcomes the phenomena of chain jamming, floating chain and chain breaking of buried scraper conveyor and the phenomena of slipping and bucket dropping of bucket elevator;

4. The conveying capacity is large, the lifting height is higher, and the vertical lifting height of single machine can reach 100m;

The corrugated edge retaining belt conveyor produced by our company is at the absolute leading level in China and has a number of patents. At present, it has produced more than 5000 sets for various industries, with reliable and safe operation and won the trust and praise of users.

Layout sketch
Vertical lifting corrugated edge retaining belt conveyor, with a bandwidth of 1200 and a lifting height of 58m.Corrugated edge retaining belt conveyor with truss fully closed structureCorridor structure corrugated side retaining belt conveyor (Hegang Xuangang)

bandwidthEdge heightConveying capacity Q at partial conveying inclination angle (m3 / h)bandwidthEdge heightConveying capacity Q at partial conveying inclination angle (m3 / h)

Main technical parameters

Baseband width b (mm)500650800100012001400(1600)
Edge height h (mm)8012016080120160120160200160200240200240300200240300400
Height of diaphragm H (mm)7511015075110150110150180150180220180220280180220280360
Belt speed V (M / s)0.8 1.0 1.25 1.6 2.0 2.5 3.15 4.0
Drive drum diameter D (mm)400、500400、500、630500、630、800630、800、1000630、800、1000、1250800、1000、1250、1400
Diameter of reversing drum (mm)400400、500400、500、630500、630、800500、630、800、1000630、800、1000、1250
Idler diameter (mm)Φ89Φ108
Nominal inclination0-30° 30° 40° 45° 50° 55° 60° 65° 70° 75° 80° 85° 90°
Allowable inclinationAny angle within 0-90 °
transmissionType IElectric roller (with backstop)
Efficacy kw1.5-7.51.5-111.5-371.5-901.5-110
TypeⅡY series motor + V-belt + shaft mounted reducer (with backstop) + transmission drum
Efficacy kw3-113-153-22
TypeⅢMotor + coupling + reducer + transmission drum (with backstop) (calculated by single motor drive)
Efficacy kw1.5-301.5-552.2-904-1105.5-185


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