The development of new conveyor belt will drive the diversified development of conveyor

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Conveyor belt is an indispensable key component of belt conveyor. In recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly. Affected by the unstable situation of global economic recovery, in order to expand domestic demand, the state has increased investment in infrastructure construction. The strategies of western development and revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China have also opened a new chapter with China's entry into the 12th five year plan, and the mining and construction of mines are in the ascendant. In order to improve the efficiency of construction and production, the conveyor has become a powerful assistant in economic construction. The improvement of conveyor demand will inevitably drive the development of conveyor belt industry.

Due to the different use environment, in order to adapt to the working environment, the design of the conveyor is different. Some can adapt to the high-temperature environment, and some have strong wear resistance. What kind of conveyor belt the conveyor uses determines what conditions it can work under. Generally, the conveyor belt is composed of skeleton material, covering layer, bonding layer material and backing material. The covering layer can protect the skeleton material, transport materials, absorb logistics impact, increase friction and wear resistance. It is the guarantee for the normal operation of the conveyor belt. Can the conveyor belt achieve high temperature resistance, wear resistance Special requirements such as anti-static depend on the characteristics of the covering material. According to the covering material, the conveyor belt is divided into rubber conveyor belt and light conveyor belt. Rubber conveyor belts, such as steel and coal, are mainly used for the transportation of heavy materials in the heavy industry, accounting for more than 90% of the downstream market of conveyor belts. At present, the global conveyor belt market is about 600-700 million square meters per year, mainly rubber conveyor belts. In general, due to the influence of downstream industries, rubber conveyor belts have been developing in the direction of high temperature resistance, high strength and flame retardancy with the special requirements of these industries as the core in recent ten years. The light conveyor belt is mainly used in light industry and agriculture. It mainly carries and transports products on the automatic production line. It is the key component for light industry to realize automatic production. At present, driven by the national attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, light conveyor belt presents the development direction of light weight, environmental protection and energy saving.

With the rapid development of science and technology, new materials have been invented and put into use. Improving the material of conveyor belt is conducive to improving the scientific and technological content of conveyor industry and the diversified development of conveyor equipment. With the successful development of more and more new materials with special performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, it is believed that China's conveyor enterprises will be able to find excellent conveyor belt products in the future development.